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Genre Fiction, Comedy, ​drama

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Sierra Nutkevitch is a writer/director who creates exciting, ​thoughtful genre stories that blend humor and tension, unlike ​anything you’ve ever seen before. Her specialty is complicated ​women, thrown into impossible situations and growing to contend ​with them. Sierra has several years of experience in development, ​where she worked independently to find and pitch IP to adapt, as ​well as in teams to shepherd the projects into production and ​beyond. She recently graduated from Columbia University's MFA ​Film Program where she received several awards for her work, ​including the Dean's Project Grant, the Sarah Jones Safety ​Production Grant and the Peters-Futtner Scholarship. She is ​currently developing a horror feature based on her thesis short ​film 'The Golem', which was a Semi-Finalist for the Screencraft ​Film Fund 2021.

Awards ​and


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  • Columbia University Deans Project Grant ​2023
  • Sarah Jones Safety Production Grant 2023
  • Finalist, roy w. dean short film grant 2022 ​(From the Heart Productions)
  • Quarterfinalist and screenplay selection, ​HollyShorts Film Festival 2022
  • Nominee, GiGadgets production grant 2022
  • SemiFinalist, Screencraft Film fund 2021
  • COVERfly top 12% short projects, top 9% ​horror projects
  • Winner, Award of merit, impact docs awards ​2019
  • semi-finalist courage film festival 2019
  • Official selection, lift-off global network ​documentary filmmakers showcase online ​2019
  • official selection, lift-off global network ​toronto
  • finalist, deep focus film festival 2019
  • winner, best documentary feature creation ​international film festival 2018
  • The Anna and David Bulmash Award for ​Innovation 2017
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by Sierra Nutkevitch

The Golem ( Post Production )

A gothic tale, set in a Jewish village in ​1850s, Poland. Beulah must care for the ​town leper, her mother-in-law, while ​fighting for a divorce and facing ​ostracization by her community. In order ​to protect herself, she builds a Golem, a ​folkloric creature made of clay.

Fly Trap ( Post Production )

Finn, a closeted construction worker, ​develops a sleep paralysis disorder and is ​haunted by a sleep paralysis demon every ​night. Slowly, he develops a relationship ​with his demon, which allows Finn to op​en himself u​p.

BodyBag ( Post-Production )

After Simone is drugged at her own ​halloween party, she holds her guests ​hostage so she can interrogate them one ​by one - piecing together the previous ​night and solving her own attempted ​murder.

seams (short)

Abril, an undocumented immigrant, works as a seamstress out of her cousin's garage. When a bride comes in to have her wedding gown fitted, she discovers that the bride is marrying her ex.

The Pull (short)

An experimental short film, in which Althaea literally runs from her fate.

Ship of Theseus (​Short)

What if you could go back in time and change everything? What would you fix?

Gael is a 30-year-old woman with many regrets, until one morning she wakes up six-years-old again. Gael must now relive her life, fixing her past mistakes while making new ones.

stolen childhood (feature documentary)

What happens when familiar signs of mental illness - rapid-onset OCD, tics, ​hyperactivity - are misdiagnosed?

This is the unfortunate reality for children living with the auto-immune ​disease known as PANDAS. Many families who turn to medical professionals ​for answers are often forced into a long journey filled with misdiagnoses and ​a lack of awareness. "Stolen Childhood" takes an in-depth look at​ the lives ​of these families, the impact of PANDAS, and the consequences of medical ​misdiagnosis.

The overall goal of Stolen Childhood is to educate not only current medical ​professionals but also up and coming medical professionals. We also hope to ​generate awareness throughout the general population to encourage parents ​to ask important questions to their doctors and to look deeper into any initial ​diagnosis their child might receive.

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Available for professional ​inquiries, hiring and ​collaboration!

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